Fading from the frame of what was seen in a scene,

I came to know Heaven and Hell already is and was.

Identifying as colors -

Red, Yellow, Black, Brown, or White -

Words cast in variations of spellings to deceive, divide, conceal, and confuse who We Are.

Acceptance of revelations determines which of the deterred minds have been left behind.

Ascension is within the eye of the sparrow.



Additional pieces of the Polar Project in progress.

Set ablaze, I will always rise.
Rejuvenated with a brighter bronze glow than when soaking in the sun.
I reflect luminously like alluring treasure.
The beauty of this majestic aura so bright; unseen to vile eyes.
Eager to fill your greedy hands until I burn you.
I am too bright for you and too blistering intense.
Those worthwhile can see me; stunning abundance of color.
Sense my peace.
Oh, this fierce fight of the communal, external, and internal.
The recoil preceding the soar into a peaceful flight.
A defense customarily inadequate of integrity.
When I and You become, We the Intended One -
Golden Source.

-Victoria McBride